There could be another element behind the ‘honey’ tank story. According to Thaddeus Holt, Dudley Clarke in April/May 1941 launched a disinformation campaign: “Exaggerated stories were published in the press about the arrival of an American team to train British crews in the use of new American tanks, as were photographs of a new model tank transporter against a desert background (it was in fact the only such vehicle in Africa).” Presumably, Clarke was hoping to dissuade Rommel from advancing further.
Clarke’s confidential report included the significant phrase “based on an element of truth.”
I interpret this as confirming that a small group of American tank specialists were sent out. Magic–Top Secret’s claim that American tank crews operated clandestinely as combat units in North Africa is thought-provoking but remains uncorroborated. However, there is strong evidence that American tank advisors and technicians were present. And Magic–Top Secret’s comment on the lack of tank transporters is factually accurate.