But did the American screenwriters realise what kind of showman he was? Like David Niven, Maskelyne was a charming but unreliable raconteur.
Alas, the Maskelyne film was never made. It is not even clear if the screenplay was ever completed. The final resting place for Twentieth Century Fox scripts is a reading room within the University of Iowa. There is no trace of the Maskelyne screenplay inside this repository.
Wilder and Ziegman failed to break through with a Hollywood hit movie, but they went on to write episodes for notable TV series such as The Streets of San Francisco and Spenser for Hire. Their greatest commercial success was James Michener’s Centennial (1978).
Dudley Hawkins died in South Africa in 1987. His wife returned to England and passed away in 1993.
Gill Vaughan, sifting through her parents’ belongings, found the box containing the old correspondence and film notes. Unfortunately, the photographs and tape recordings were gone.

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As for the tragic Hannah episode,set in the Balkans, I will soon provide an update.
Hannah did exist.